Friday, January 16, 2009

tutu true

If you know me, you know i'm a total princess/diva.


Yeah, totally not true.

Which is why it's so funny to watch my Star Wars-and-jiujitsu-loving child get her Disney on at a princess dance class. She had a picnic with the Beast, rode a magic carpet with Aladdin, swept with Cinderella, went mining with the 7 dwarfs, and did some sort of obstacle course gymnastics like... uh... Mary Lou Retton? None of the princesses really did gymnastics, I guess. Didn't want to mess up their hair.

Biscuit may be the only girl in the continental US who can't tell Jasmine from Beauty, but she knows that when costumes, tutus, music, disco lights, and hand stamps mix, fun is to be had. And I love to watch her have fun.

And if you think that's crazy, I let her have half a chocolate chip cookie at lunch with her buddy. It was her first taste of chocolate chip cookie, and she was... shall we say... most enthusiastic.

I'm not a tyrant, people!

But she is currently spazzing on sugar as she sings "Call of the Mermaid" from the Backyardigans and hits the letter "U" repeatedly on her Learning Laughtop. Ugh.

It was a good day, princesses, sugar, and all.


stinestrain said...

no it's not, she ate part of a chocolate chip cookie at my house once which you (hugely preggo) jumped up out of your seat, snatched from her, and exclaimed "well I guess NOW she's had chocolate!"


delilah said...

Well, the first time she knew what it was and wanted it and ate 75% of it. I'M NOT A TYRANT, DAMMIT!

Plus, we all know there was no jumping when I was hugely pregnant. :p