Tuesday, January 13, 2009

memory lane

Last night's blog entry reminded me of all the old photos sitting around my Flickr account, playing Super NES and drinking Surge. I'm far too lazy to scan photos from high school and before, but here are some treasures from the oughts. Or the 0's. Or the 2000's. 2Ks. Stupid decade!

First of all, you've already seen me with my little horse, but here she is hanging with a jerky appaloosa named Taz. She was about 5 years old, green broke, Carolina Backyard Mutt. No telling where this horse came from, what she'd done there, or who got together to breed her on the sly. But she was the culmination of 22 years of dreaming, and she was a big-hearted, stubborn, loyal, wonderful little critter.

And here's where Dr. Crog proposed to me on a midnight motorcycle ride. On my first visit to him at Clemson, I got lost, because I have the navigational skills of a drunk doodlebug, so I went to the highest thing I could see and called him for help by this clock tower. I had managed to find campus and was only a couple of blocks away, and he came to rescue me. I am a lucky girl!

Which explains this picture. Here are a few more of that fabulous day.

Why, yes, that *is* an antebellum mansion. No, it ain't Tara. And lastly, YES, Dr. Crog is wearing some sort of cowboy cravat. I don't know. He picked out the tuxes without my input. And he did a fine job. Please, let me explain. You know, in Steel Magnolias, how they have that fabulous Bleedin' Armadilla cake? Well, this was a Bleedin' Groundhog. My idea. No, really! It was! Because there are no armadillos in upstate South Carolina, just a lot of chubby little groundhogs standing on the side of the roads on their haunches, chillin'. And I loved 'em. So I wanted my wedding guests to eat big, chocolately chunks of their red velvet flesh. Makes sense, right?

And here is my fondest memory from corporate America. Yes, it was fun being modestly important and jetting around, but the *truly* important part was my Halloween costume, because my company took Halloween seriously. They made up a new award for me: "Least Recognizable as an Employee", because I apparently looked more like Jack Sparrow, or at least a dude, than like myself.

Unfortunately, my boss went as a Software Pirate, so we had to walk around all day dressed like Wonder Twin Pirate Buddies, which is totally lame.

And here's a sad moment from corporate America. After leaving my super cool job and moving back to Georgia, I went to a much more serious place where apparently no one has ever seen Pulp Fiction. Seeing my Mia Wallace costume, the comments ranged from, "Cute haircut!" to "Um, you have something on your face". The next closest thing to a costume was the HR girl's black shirt with the crystal pumpkin bedazzled on it. I did not fit in, and I was so happy to go back to my job in non-profit arts, where my wackiness was applauded and we went out to lunch every day and laughed until we nearly peed.

So there's a minor rundown of 2001 to 2004 as saved to my Flickr account. Coming soon: a blogged rendition of my latest show. When I get the time to download all those pictures.

It's gonna take, like, 8 minutes! And that's time I just don't have.

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