Tuesday, January 6, 2009

me vs. the vegetables, round 1

1. I am painting an enormous painting of pears, including two Bartlett and one Bosc. Biscuit walked up behind me and patted me on the shoulder, saying, "You made pretty potatoes, mommy! You did a good job!"

So the potatoes win that one.

2. I decided to fry up some falafel and zucchini for lunch. The falafel stuck to the bottom of the pan, broke up into gritty globs, and burned. The zucchini was doing well until our wonderful handyman came in to explain the 4213 things wrong with our house, at which point the zucchini started burning, the smoke detector started shrieking, T. Rex woke up from his nap and started hollering, and I burned two fingers.

I give the zucchini 2 points.

3. My kid ate corn yesterday. She is still refusing to use the potty. I changed her diaper.

Corn wins.


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