Saturday, January 17, 2009

little moments

You'll want to read this one. It has baby pictures. D'oh!

It's easy to lose track of time when you're raising children. Not only because they distract you with all the spitting up and diapering and reading and questions about why galoshes have cat faces, but also because you don't spend all day looking at meetings on an Outlook calendar. If you're lucky, you remember what day it is, and if you're really lucky, you remember that you have an appointment with one of your 15 family care providers that day in time to clean out the baby's neck cheese.

What, that doesn't happen to you?

So here are some little moments recently extracted from my mom's camera. I may not know exactly which day each photo was taken, but I know they are all days that end in "y". And that ain't bad.

Here's my dad having a chat with T.Rex. I'm proud of him-- he didn't pick up the Biscuit until she could formally ask him. He's less afraid of breaking the second one, I guess.

Here's early Christmas with my grandparents and the other set of cousins. They're not interesting. I just like the action shot, plus the proof that I occasionally put my daughter in a dress. And hairbows! Do I get extra chick points for that? It makes great-grandma so happy.
Here's T.Rex in his Hairy Wolf get-up from the super sale rack at Old Navy. I have no idea what the joke is. It's just a hairy wolf with an afro on a sleeper. But he looks quite fetching in orange. He's on the Biscuit's old exercise mat thingy, swatting a crab. This one was taken last week. Soon I will catch his ferociously goofy smile on camera. Doesn't he look like a little dude?

Acrobatics with Dr. Crog on Thanksgiving. She's wearing dingy pajamas and creepy, blinking, electronic Christmas socks from Aunt Granny, but she was having such a wonderful time.

And here is possibly the first picture of me and T.Rex together that doesn't involve gory afterbirth. Although I do see some inappropriate hair fuzz.

Lastly, here's a really cool one right after T.Rex was born. I didn't know we had this one. We were holding hands for the first time, and I was totally digging his tiny little purple zombie paws. He was all covered in vernix, which is like baby-marinating-cheese-goo, and he was very sticky. Birth ain't pretty, people. Don't make me show you my placenta. I'm warning you!

...and that was everything that happened between November 23 and today. It's been two busy months.

And i'm pretty sure it's Saturday.


Misty said...

Aw, he's so cute! I can't believe I'm going to have another one of those!!!

Heather said...

Somehow, I magically missed this:
Was your T-Rex born Sunday, November 23rd? If so, that makes him even cooler, because that was my 31st birthday! :D (I know that's meaningless to you, but it means I'll remember his birthday).