Sunday, January 25, 2009


We don't watch a lot of TV at our house, and we try to keep the licensed characters to a minimum for our own sanity. But the Biscuit is sick, and the only way to convince her to hold still and heal is to let her watch videos. Or, at my parents' house, On Demand. She has a fondness for this sissified little turtle named Franklin from one of her books, and my mom found a secret cache of Franklin cartoons yesterday. We just love how she says Franklin-- it comes out Fwank-o-wen. Just like fam-o-lee and pob-o-lee.



Gregg, Mandi, Lucie, Griffin said...

Griffin loves Franklin too, we start most every morning with him on Noggin *sigh*

Casey said...

Arkady loves Franklin too. I hate Franklin. I hate Franklin almost as much as I hate Dora. He discovered Franklin from watching Little Bear (which I like) on YouTube and Franklin popped up at the end as a suggested video. Not knowing the horror that is Franklin I let him watch it. Okay, I'll stop my rant now.

delilah said...

Seriously! He's wimpy and wishy-washy and has flat-out bad instincts.

But we don't hate him as much as we hate Dora and Elmo. My dad keeps buying Dora books for her, and she comes home saying the most inane things.