Wednesday, January 7, 2009

et tu, flannel?

I've come full circle.

From my flannel and jeans days in the early 90's to my mom days. It's like this.

1991: I want to be cool, so I go to Upton's and buy some baggy dude jeans and a big ol' flannel shirt. I cut off the bottom of the jeans so they would get all raggedy and tough like what everybody wore in Singles. I mused that Eddie Vedder would find me ravishing, never mind that from the back, we'd look like the same person.

I also had this wild, persistent fantasy that if I bought just the right, magical camisole to wear under the flannel shirt, I would be a dead ringer for Liv Tyler in Aerosmith's "Cryin'" video.

2002: I am a professional woman with great plans. When my jeans are too long, I have them hemmed at the little alterations place down the street. Despite promises by Marie Claire, they look pretty stupid, but I wear them anyway.

2008: I am so blasted sick of stepping on the hem of my fatty post-partum jeans and getting the hems wet in the rain that I grab my sewing scissors and cut off the bottom inch. I have no illusions regarding looking cool. My socks don't even match. And these size 13 Target jeans aren't doing me any favors. Eddie Vedder would not approve. Liv Tyler is laughing somewhere with her giant, yacht-sized feet in $5000 shoes. But i'm happy, because now I don't trip on my jeans.

It just goes to show you:

Crap, I dunno. Raggedy jeans.

Oh, yeah! I remembered.

I used to try to be cool by dressing like an idiot, just like everyone else. Then I tried to be cool by paying money for something I didn't like, just like everyone else. Now I totally don't care, and i'm a lot happier.

And my jeans are raggedy, and as soon as I lose the baby weight, i'm burning them.

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stinestrain said...

if you'd really been cool your flannels would have come from Value Village. along with at least one uniform shirt proclaiming you to be "Earl"