Sunday, January 4, 2009

a child's understanding of death

Me: Look, Biscuit! Here is a dead centipede! Isn't it interesting how he is curled up in a little ball?
Biscuit: Oh! Look at he! I will get him some food.
Me: Well, he's already dead, but I guess it can't hurt...
Biscuit: Here is a peanut for he!
Me: Okay...
Biscuit: Here is a stick! It is yummy for he!
Me: Buddy, here's a living centipede, if you want to see a live one...
Biscuit: No, I am feeding the dead one.

Also, our dead cat Puddy is apparently "hiding under the rocks" in the garden, according to Biscuit. She watched us bury him, actually. How creepy is that?

Oh, well. At least she has empathy. Not bad for a two-year-old. And there's always business for undertakers, if she keeps up with this sort of thing.

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