Wednesday, December 10, 2008

whoa, a la Keanu

Okay, stay with me here.

With a little outside help, I made two people.

Basically, out of nothing. Some cells, some Lucky Charms, some time, and... POOF! Little people.

And now one of them is walking, talking, singing, playing, begging for TV and fruit leather.

And that one can actually hold the second one! Like... like... like little nesting dolls!

Like freakin' abracadabra, man!

It's just too meta for me. See?

Yes, I know my standards for utter mind blowage have gone down a bit, but it's still pretty amazing, when you think about it. Dr. Crog and I have basically replaced ourselves in the muddy pool of humanity.

...because we need someone to continue our plans to take over the world via robot army, remember?

You don't remember? You obviously do not read this blog often enough.

I will tell the robots.


Valerie said...

This is totally meta. And I totally need to get crackin' on the baby-making, as I have my own world domination plans. Right now my plans basically involve raising my left eyebrow and sneering at people (domination through intimidation?), but I'm sure my plan will become more sophisticated once I have minions to help me.

delilah said...

Yes, you must join the breeders!

No, not the chick band.

Here's what you do. Okay, see, when a man and a woman love eachother very much, or meet eachother at a dive bar...

No, no. Let's try again. You are a beautiful flower, and when you find the right bee to pollinate your...

No. No, that's just not going to do. I'll have to send you a Beverly Cleary book so you'll properly understand. Baby making is fun!