Friday, December 19, 2008

quote n' dote

First, the quote.

The Biscuit has a wonderful friend, practically a twin. They are on the same level physically, mentally, and cute-tastically. And her mama is a wonderful friend to me, and we both have scrunchy little newborns, so it's basically a triple date. We met them at the boggy playground yesterday to run some energy off our toddlers and commiserate on mothering two, and I overheard this conversation:

Biscuit's buddy: Ow! You bumped into me!
Biscuit: I am sorry I bumped into you.
Biscuit's buddy: I am sorry I bumped into you, too.
Biscuit: You should be more careful next time!

And then the Biscuit fell backwards off a big kid swing, landing on her head. She got up, crying, dusted herself off, and said, "I AM TOUGH AND STRONG!" And then she quit crying, wiped up her tears, and went back to swinging.

See why I love this kid? Funny, cute, and resilient. And she has her daddy's rock-hard skull.

* * *

Now for the dote.

I dote on Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane tea. I just want to drink it hot, bathe in it, turn it into lotion, turn it into cookie icing, turn it into room deodorizer. It's like peppermint crack. And i'm koo-koo for peppermint crack.

And i'm going to drink a cup right now, even though it's 70 degrees outside and doesn't feel a blasted bleb like Christmas. I'm going to drink it with a shot of stevia in my newest hand-thrown mug, because everyone knows things taste better in handmade pottery.

Man, that was a really boring blog entry. I've been reading too much, because now i'm all blogtimidated. Isn't that just blogical? I'm going to go drink my blogea and read more Twiblog. Blog blog blog.

Seriously, though. Do they put crack in this tea? I think they might.

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