Saturday, December 20, 2008

my magical sock

You know why Christmas is so magical? It's the pageantry. Lights, trees, decorations, songs, cookie icing, family traditions, Santa and the reindeer-- all the events and lore we've made up for a holiday that nowadays has very little to do with a scrunchy little guy in a manger.

For example, today, I asked Dr. Crog to watch the Biscuit while I went to the $1 bins at Target for stocking booty tomorrow. He didn't understand why it was necessary for me to hide these purchases from our astute little dude, and I explained that Santa needs to be more secretive than, "Hey, look at that elephant!" while I drop stickers in the grocery cart. And he wasn't sure we wanted to "do" Santa.


My basic argument was this:

Magical: Santa came down the chimney and put stuff in my stocking!

Non-magical: My mom put some crap in a sock.

See how that works?

Religious or not, creative or not, whoever you are: you've got to admit that Santa is pretty cool.

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