Sunday, December 7, 2008

don't be a Vader hater

That's right. Dr. Crog took the Biscuit to Target this morning, and she returned in a Sith costume carrying a lightsaber and two sheets of Hello Kitty stickers, most of which were stuck to her Star Wars shirt.

Today will be her official inauguration into the utter dweebitude that is our love of Star Wars. Since her favorite things in life are robots, fuzzy creatures, and Daddy, I suspect it will be a hit. I have been threatened with removal if I comment on "how violent New Hope is", to quote a stern Dr. Crog.

My only demand is that she understand from the start that there is nothing cool about JarJar Binks.


Valerie said...

Ha! OMG I love this!!!! Yay! Come to the dark side, little one!

Misty said...

We have no less than four light sabers in this house. We used to have a cat named Luke Skywalker!

veganf said...

May the Force be with her!