Friday, December 12, 2008

C is for cookie!

I'm not the most domesticated woman. Sure, I'm potty trained and turn up my nose at store-brand cat food, but I don't generally excel at the whole "home-cooked meal every night" thing. Truth be told, by the time dinner rolls around (mmm... dinner rolls....), I'd rather just have a small bowl of cereal, tidy up the kitchen, and collapse into bed.

Now you know why Dr. Crog doesn't have a pot belly. It's all my fault.

Anyway, after a stressful day like yesterday (don't ask) and an insane night like last night (involving fire alarms, shrieking babies, blood, urine, and Lost), I woke up to a sinus cavity filled with early-90's-era Nickelodeon slime. I seem to have caught that hideous cold that turned my child into a demented, spastic snot-monkey for two weeks. Hurray. So that's one cold for November that saw me through exhaustion and labor, and now a new cold to plague me as I try to get through December with a newborn and a toddler on preschool break. Vitamin C and probiotics have surely failed me.

So there's the boring digression on how I'm a bad housewife with a cold. That's not the point.

The point is: staring down a day at home with two children, I decided to bake cookies with my daughter. And it was wonderful! My mom tells me that as a child, I loved to bake cookies. I think she's remembering that I mainly like to *eat* cookies. Which is still true. So here is the story of our cookies.

Step 1: I found a recipe for "Easy Oatmeal Cookies" on, an excellent site
recommended by my fabulously talented friend, Christine, who can actually cook real recipes. Like, for food. I'm always impressed.

Step 2: The Biscuit posed with her "CHEEEEEEESE!" smile, which really just looks like she's saying "cheese".
Step 3: We mixed some junk together.

Step 4: Into the oven!
Biscuit's Public Service Announcement: "It will burn me!"

Step 5: EAT!!! pwned! She's trying to wink with a thumbs-up and somewhat failing.

So we had a nice morning, and i've hosed down the kitchen, and now we're mainlining oatmeal cookies.

Heck, I might even cook dinner!

Great googly moogly! Next thing you know, I'll be walking on my hind legs and wearing a girdle.


Valerie said...

I always love to read your blogs. Thanks - this is a good one. :-)

stinestrain said...

aw, I love the pic of her stirring!

glad you found an easy recipe, feel better ((hug))