Thursday, November 6, 2008

you have to WHAT???

Two things to keep in mind: 1) Biscuit accompanied me on my midwife visit today, and 2) I am sick and must constantly remind her to be gentle and quiet. Here is the conversation:

Biscuit: I must take a big piss!
Biscuit: Take you big piss. You sick.
Me: Um, okay.
Biscuit: (wraps a piece of cloth around my wrist) I take you big piss!
Me: OHHH! You are taking my BLOOD PRESSURE!
Biscuit: Yep. You are okay!
Me: Oh, good! So i'm going to live?
Biscuit: Yep. Probably.
Biscuit: (holds out a small Little People cooler that generally holds pretend hair gel) You take... you have a... you need this.
Me: What is it?
Biscuit: Is uh... is uh... dat fing you take. To feel better. Make you feel better!
Me: Oh, it's medicine?
Biscuit: Yep. You need it. To feel better. Here you go!
Me: Doesn't that box usually hold Daddy's hair gel?
Biscuit: No, it's always medicine.
Me: Does Daddy know you put medicine in his hair every day?
Biscuit: Heh heh heh... nope.

I admit I cracked my first real smile of the day.

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Valerie said...

ha! I love little Biscuit.