Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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Behold the nesting!

If you know me, if you've been to my house, you know that I can do "tidy", but I rarely do that sort of deep cleaning that involves old toothbrushes or Q-tips. When your child and mate leave a trail of destruction and packratty gradoo in their respective wakes, it's really easy to overlook the crumbs in the fridge door, you know? We don't have bugs or mold or unsightly fungi, and we'd never be chosen on Clean House or How Clean is Your House?, which is unfortunate, because I would love to meet Niecy, Aggie, or Kim, although I hate being scolded. But we have a level of "you must be this tidy to exist", and we rarely go above and beyond it.

Until now. I am a cleaning machine. I would call it inexplicable, but it's obviously related to the impending baby. Of course, I get so meta that it's hard to tell if i'm compulsively nesting, or nesting to feel like i'm nesting to feel like i'm that much closer to labor, because i'm getting desperate, people.

Anyway, here is a rundown of my nesting thus far:

Previous to this week:

* Cleaned out the guest room; painted it blue (with mom's help); set up the crib and twin bed; cleaned out the closet.

* Removed 300 VHS and DVD movies from the armoire and dragged them into our closet.
* Cleaned and oiled the entire armoire, folded all 0-6 baby clothes, sorted socks, and filled the armoire with tiny little itty bitty baby things.

* Generally tidied the house with Dr. Crog's help and, to be honest, force.

The past 3 days:

* Sewed 26 cloth wipes and 4 sets of nursing pads.
* Used almost an entire packet of disinfecting wipes to get every little nook of every cabinet in my kitchen. Like, the little corners and around the handles and everything.
* Cleaned all 3 toilets and put those little blue pills in their tanks.
* Used more disinfecting wipes to clean the fridge, microwave, and dishwasher, including the inside of the microwave and the rubber edges of the fridge.
* Cleaned out the laundry closet. I had forgotten what the top of the dryer looked like.
* Bought all those little doodads I almost forgot: antibacterial hand gel for guests, Gatorade and peppermint oil for labor, a trash can for cloth diapers, etc.

And still the disinfecting wipes are calling me. I need to get the coffee granules out of the freezer, and clean anything old out of the fridge, and dust the blinds, and get more Magic Erasers. So much to do, so little ability to bend at the waist!

I'm not yet in labor, but by cracky, I AM LABORING!

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Momnerd said...

Okay, I took your dare and searched using the word "mold". And it brought me here! Pretty sure this was a while ago as that little bitty baby is not so itty bitty anymore. But I sure wish I could get into a nesting mode, even though I'm not pregnant. My house sure needs it. Happy SITS day!