Monday, November 10, 2008

the things we say

Dr. Crog and I have such intriguing conversations.

(The set up: we're leaving Barnes and Noble at 11am on a Sunday morning. I spot an obese man holding a guitar case outside the Chili's restaurant. Go!)

Me: Oh, no. *Please* tell me they don't have live music at Chili's on Sunday! That's just adding insult to injury!
Dr. Crog: Surely not. That's disgusting.
Me: But there's a dude getting out of his car with a guitar strapped to his back....
Dr. Crog: No way. No way he's playing his guitar at Chili's. He probably played it at church, and now he's carrying it in with him so it won't be stolen...
Me: Yeah, as opposed to stowing it safely in the trunk? Who carries a guitar into Chili's?!
Dr. Crog: Good point. Oh, no. Oh, no, he's actually doing it. FAT BOY, GET THAT GUITAR OUT OF CHILIS!!!!!!
Biscuit: GET OUT OF CHILI'S!!!!

Good times.

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Valerie said...

OMG i laughed soooo hard at this!!!