Friday, November 28, 2008

Mr. Turkey, for reals.

Never has there been a Thanksgiving when I have had so much for which to be thankful.

Like the incredible grammar skillz it took to write that sentence, right?

Anyway, here's my top six list. I'm sure there are 4 more, but i'm sleepy, dangit.

1. My family. From the squashy little dude asleep in the wrap on my chest to the amazing husband making my beautiful daughter laugh downstairs. And my parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles, and I suppose the cousins, too, although we don't really keep in touch, and some of them are lunatics. I'm also thankful the lunatics all live far away.

2. This special time at home. If I had had surgery, I would have spent Thanksgiving in the hospital, hooked up to things and bored and in pain, while nurses bustled in every hour and woke me up. The food was reasonably decent, but it ain't my mama's cooking. But I have had 3 wonderful days at home snuggling with the ones that I love and catching up on sleep.

3. My friends. Honestly, only a true friend will sit around for 5 hours while you scream, cry, bleed, whine, complain, gush fluids, and push an 8.5 pound person out of your body. And i've got *2* friends like that! And then I get back to my laptop and find well wishes busting out of Facebook, my ICAN board, and my other messaging forums. And, thanks to my sweet friends at the baby shower, i've got a gorgeous stack of cloth diapers for T-rex's cute little bum, as soon as he's done exuding crude oil. And calls, and text messages, and cards. I have never in my life had so many wonderful friends, and I just feel warm and fuzzy all over.

4. Technology. I have digital pictures of every stage of pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum joy, so that I can have memories of a time when my eyes were mostly squeezed shut. Folks were texting me during labor, and my friend was updating folks on her mini laptop. And today my wonderful, thoughtful, hard-working husband bought me a Flip camera for Christmas so that we can start recording all the tiny moments from the new baby stretching with Dr. Crog's "annoyed" face to the Biscuit singing about eating Mr. Turkey in her tiny little toddler voice. And while I blog, my Roomba is vacuuming the living room. Short of calorie-free ice cream, I really don't know how much better technology could get.

5. Health. If i've got one, it hurts, but recovery is still going superfast. I'm amazed at what my body was able to do, and i'm pretty impressed at how quickly it's returning to "normal". I'm thankful that the afterpains are waning and the stitches are chilling out after yesterday's coughing episode. And my cold is almost gone, too. I hear so many horror stories about what can go wrong before, during, or after delivery, and I thank my lucky stars (and charms) that my undercarriage and innards are still mostly in one piece. Mostly.

6. Yo Plus vanilla yogurt. I really, seriously missed this stuff while I was pregnant. It's so creamy and cold and sweet, perfect with an apple. What on earth was I thinking, eating all those cheese hot dogs, Lucky Charms, and Taco Bell chicken quesadillas? So i'm thankful for my normalized taste buds.

So now it's bath-and-a-nap time, for which I am also very thankful.

Oh, yeah. And if you haven't heard, I had a baby last Sunday. He rocks.


Heather said...

Congratulations. Welcome, Wee Baby Shmoo! Enjoy the simple joys in life!

Misty said...

Okay - pictures!!! Hee hee. Congratulations.

stinestrain said...

it was an honor to be there. gushing fluids and all ;)