Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween: the good, the bad, and the enormously pregnant

I think I speak for us all when I say: Best Halloween EVAR.

The Biscuit was a witch.

I was her black cat. Apparently, she hasn't been listening to Bob Barker, because I was definitely full of kittens.

Dr. Crog was an Interview Tool.

Yes, it's a pun on one of his job duties. We just shaved off everything but his mustache, slicked back his hair, and made him look as tooly as possible through clothing and accessories. What has two thumbs and likes Weekend at Bernie's? THIS GUY!

We had a great time walking around the neighborhood and teaching our little dude to trick-or-treat. She has no idea what candy is, but she enjoyed collecting colorful stuff in her pumpkin and saying, "Tankoo". She was more frightened by the friendly old ladies trying to give her candy than of the haunted houses, spooky graveyards, and teenagers in bloody makeup. At the end of the night, we let her have half a fun-size Twix, and she's still talking about it.

And you know what? She's totally forgotten about the rest of the candy. Score!

No wonder Halloween is our favorite holiday.


Kyrissaean said...

SHE'S SO CUTE! I love the picture with you & Schmoo and Cleo reaching up to touch your belly. Just too adorable.

cmt said...

Cleo looks so cute as a 'ittle bitty witchy. You and the Mister looked great too. I know you'll be glad when Baby Schmoo arrives. Not too much longer...