Thursday, November 20, 2008

cats and bags

Scene: Like a complete dork, I am riveted to the Twilight movie site, checking out the trailers and photos for the first time. I am paying absolutely no attention to my child. I look up, and she's standing in front of a window wearing one crystal and lucite high heel from our rehearsal dinner in 2002 and one mangy flip-flop. She is holding a thick plastic bag that recently held a gift for baby Shmoo from our dear friends Serena, JohnPaul, and Grayson. In the bag is a black cat Beanie Baby stuffed animal. She's talking to herself...

Biscuit: It's hard. It's hard to put this cat in here. Cat want to go in bag? Little bitty kitty cat say meow-meow, want to go in the bag?
Me: Um, buddy? Whatcha doing?
Biscuit: I put the cat in here!
Me: Why did you put the cat in the bag?
Biscuit: Issa present! For Baby Shmoo!
Me: Really? That's very sweet of you!
Biscuit: (chuckling) Noooooo. Issa present for ME. This is MY cat.
Me: I see. And do you want to let the cat out of the bag?
Biscuit: I do not.
Me: Where is the adorable little red shirt and pants that were in the bag?
Biscuit: They on the floor.
Me: But those are a present for Baby Shmoo!
Biscuit: (runs to the kitchen, gets the clothes off the floor, throws the cat on the floor, stuffs the clothes in the bag, brings it to me...) There you go! Issa present for Baby Shmoo! From ME!
Me: That's very thoughtful.
Biscuit: Yeah, I know.

And then she put the little red diaper cover on her head.

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