Wednesday, November 12, 2008

and she's musical, too

Sitting behind me today on the couch while I typed, Biscuit sang this song in a sort of stream-of-consciousness babble. The tune began as Frere Jacques/Where is Thumbkin and just oodled around a bit while she looked at an Eric Carle book about a spider.

Mr. Turkey

Mr. Turkey
Nice and fat
Nice and fat
He only say one word
Wobble wobble wobble
The firefighter rabbit
You know you know you know you know
Mr. Turkey Mr. Turkey Mr. Turkey
Cat say "meow meow meow"
I am stuck I am stuck
He is hiding!
Gobble Gobble Gobble
He only had
The one little word
He had a wobble wobble wobble
Oh, he had a pig!
Dat's not a doggie,
Dat is a doggie!
OH! I am so so funny!

Dr. Crog and I agree that it is the best song we've ever heard.

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Crystal said...

I love it! For it to be a totally stream of consciousness song, I think it's fantastic!! :-)