Thursday, October 9, 2008

what a girl wants

You know what I want right now?

I want the curtains hung in the nursery. I want a yummy new baby carrier. I want to sew colorful scarves for all my fabulous mom-friends. I want to go walking in the dark, rainy woods and see more deer and that elusive coyote. I want to eat a huge bowl of Cap'n Crunch. No, two bowls. I want to feel wet, cold, white clay in my hands. I want my hair cut and dyed and a manicure and a pedicure and to fit into my skinniest jeans and go somewhere to eat something ridiculously decadent that will make my skinny jeans feel too tight. I want to throw my head back and laugh. Cackle, really. I want to sleep for 16 hours straight and wake up to absolute quiet and sunshine. I want a shiny new necklace. I want my daughter to act like she did a month ago. I want to go roller skating and slip the DJ $10 to play nothing but ABBA and Prince. I want to go ice skating and wear my arm warmers. I want to go wonder around a fair and run my hands over sparkly things. I want to swim with sharks. I want to slurp udon noodles with chopsticks. I want to fly a kite in the hills near Carcassone. I want to paint a huge canvas taller than me and get paint stuck in my eyebrows. I want one of my favorite bands to come out with a new CD that's so good that the words catch in my throat. I want to scoop all the seeds out of a pumpkin, put it on my head, and chase my family around the yard. I want to be part of a huge chorus singing songs from Phantom of the Opera. I want my grandmother's chicken n' dumplin's, creamed corn, green beans, black-eyed peas, and yeast rolls smothered in butter, and then I want two helpings of chocolate pie and a huge scoop of Cool Whip. I want to see the next Harry Potter movie in the theater with a huge tub of that nasty popcorn and a giant Sprite. I want to ride the Goliath ride at Six Flags and scream my fool head off. I want to gallop through the forest on my lost friend's blue roan Tennessee Walker, feeling his muscles bunch beneath me and both of us nearly flying away. I want to work at a haunted house on Saturday night and scare some huffy teenager so badly he wets his pants. I want a pumpkin spice donut from Krispy Kreme, and I want to eat it sitting across the street in the old cemetery, surrounded by dewy grass and silence. I want to ride the carousel. I want to jump off the huge rock at Lalaria in Greece into 30 feet of crystal blue water and watch the bubbles rise to the surface through a school of fish. I want to swing on the rope swing at my friend Lisa's house in 4th grade and spin out over the precipice, feeling young and brave and reckless.

But mostly, I just like my life, and i'm going to have a big ol' cup of cocoa and crawl into the cold sheets and go to sleep with the windows open in the fall, surrounded by the people I love most.


Isabel Aven said...

very lovely.


stinestrain said...

that WAS lovely! except for the part about eating a donut in a cemetery. that was just weird.

delilah said...

See, you'd think it was weird. But we did once, and it was wonderful. Much nicer to sit outside in the dappled sunshine than in a hot, sticky dining room full of screaming kids and old people coughing. The Founders' Cemetery is so old that it's not even creepy anymore. Like, 1700 - 1900, maybe. Very beautiful, though.

I'm not weird, dammit!

stinestrain said...

no, being that old is even more creepy, because I imagine the caskets are all decomposed by now, and there are skeletons laying down there, and what if the dirt erodes away and a bony hand reaches up and grabs me!

delilah said...

Well, i'd laugh pretty hard, and then i'd grab your remaining donut(s) and shove them in my mouth and probably choke.

But, really, if you sit on the big, box-shaped crypt-coffin-rock thingies, no skeletal hands can reach you. Sit on the dead before they sit on you!

delilah said...

ps. Bones erode pretty quickly, too. Unless there are any cyborgs buried in there, and then i'd be really, really worried.