Friday, October 31, 2008

viva la freshness!

For our weekly lunch together, my mom took the Biscuit and I to a fabulous new Mexican gourmet restaurant called The Bridge that is nearby and emphasizes freshness. And I must admit, the food definitely gave me a new definition for the term "fresh".

We sat down in a booth near the front door. The service was a bit slow, and the salsa was really quite hot, but we found the food to be delightful and, indeed, fresh.
The Biscuit was chowing down on beans, rice, cheese, sour cream, and chicken, and my quesadilla was delicious, with tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and very fresh chicken.

Oh, and the roach.

That's right. A living, squirming, frantic cockroach dropped from the ceiling directly onto my plate, landing squarely on my quesadilla, right next to my fork. I was utterly speechless and could only gesticulate madly until mom noticed. Biscuit kept on chomping. At that moment, with me unsure whether to kill it, scream, or barf, the waitress came by to see how were were doing. I pointed with my knife. As it scurried onto the table and towards my child, the waitress grabbed an empty beer bottle and squashed it mostly flat right next to the chips, where it continued to squirm and flap around in a way that was even more disgusting than just the scurrying.

I started laughing, because it was all just so ridiculous and gross. And I kept on laughing, like some sort of idiot, until about 3pm this afternoon.

A nice man, who I assume owns or manages the restaurant, stopped by to apologize and explained that it was all the fault of the coin laundry next door, which is obvious, because cockroaches are known for enjoying clothes and cleaning products. Not piles of half eaten food and sugary beverages in restaurants. I'm sure it was the coin laundry. He offered to get us new food, but my mom wisely spoke for me, saying, "We're just going to leave now".

And since then, i've eaten 2 apples and a Kit Kat bar, because food just hasn't been very appealing.

Moral of the story? Don't eat Mexican food by that coin laundry.

Or ever again possibly.

Tomorrow: Halloween recap: The Good, The Bad, and The Enormously Pregnant.


Isabel Aven said...

i just threw up in my mouth. thanks.

so, did you have to PAY? please tell me you atleast got a free lunch?

Sybil said...

Holy shit! I would have FREAKED. Did they at least comp your meal?

delilah said...

Well, we weren't even halfway done. I would say maybe 1/4 done. But, no, we surely did not pay. And we were right between two huge parties of people, and my mom was wearing her City Hall work badge, so I think they were very happy that the pregnant girl just quietly left, instead of screaming about it and making a fuss.

We felt kinda bad, but... seriously, a live roach, straight into the food? On the wall or floor is one thing, on the table is gross, but directly onto my food?

I think they were really happy to lose the $9 instead of letting the other 27 people around us find out about "the incident".

kimberly said...

um, gross. I have had lots of gross things happen to me (5 kids), but that would have totally creeped me reader from sis:)