Sunday, October 19, 2008

a very nearly ideal day

Normally, weekends are not my favorite. My friends are all busy, my parents are "crashed", and my husband has his only true time to relax, which mostly involves jiujitsu and napping. Which means it's just me and the biscuit, which makes for a pretty exhausting day, considering i'm a whale.

Today, however, was outstanding.

1. Sleep in while Dr. Krog entertains the biscuit. Wake up and roll around ecstatically in the cold sheets, cackling happily in the dappled sunlight.

2. Go to Ikea. Eat a cinnamon roll. Get stuff for Cleo's Big Girl Room. And a few things for me. I have an aloe plant now! So I will probably burn myself accidentally, just to prove its usefulness.

3. Go to my folks'. Eat so much of my grandmother's vittles that I seriously think i'm going to spew. Loll in bed watching the Style Network while mom chases the biscuit. Burp a lot, because my stomach is squished down to about 4 inches square and being repeatedly kicked by my alien child.

4. Come home and clean while Cleo naps.

5. Prepare the Big Girl Room, complete with twin bed, new linens, traded paintings, Ikea tent, easel, and general rebranding. Then watch her smile and gallop around.

6. Go on a 7:30pm impulsive sugar run for my first Icee in, like, 5 years. It is the most unnatural substance i've ever tasted. Not even vaguely frootlike. Lovely consistency, though.

7. Bed. My favorite sleeping weather. And tomorrow I get to paint.

The only porblem? I was so stuffed this afternoon that I told my mom to keep the remaining half of Mimi's chocolate pie, and I could really use some of that pie now.

Mmmmmmmm. Pie.

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Frogs Mom said...

Sounds like a nice day..WAY better than mine.

You didn't happen to get some green potties for us at Ikea, did you?