Saturday, October 25, 2008

quote of the day

Mommy: Biscuit, what time is it?
Biscuit: Forty o'clock.
Mommy: Well, look outside. What time of day is it?
Biscuit: It is night.
Mommy: So what do we do at night?
Biscuit: NOOOOOO!
Mommy: At night, after we have our yogurt, we go upstairs. What do we do?
Biscuit: Have a vitamin.
Mommy: Um, no. Okay, what are these? (pointing at teeth)
Biscuit: Teeth.
Mommy: What do we do with our teeth before we go to bed?
Biscuit: Put a vitamin inside of them.

Mommy and Daddy laugh uproariously. Truly our child. Daddy and Biscuit are now brushing teeth. I suppose that when a vitamin is the most sugary snack a kid gets in a day, they really look forward to Vitamin Time, but honestly... that's just freaking hilarious.

Okay, now go read the bit about Medieval Times, because that's the real blog for today.

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