Friday, October 24, 2008

forced eavesdropping

You know how sometimes, you can't help eavesdropping? You don't want to hear it. You'd just like to read, or eat, or have your own conversation. But they're so loud and obnoxious, you have to listen.

Here is one such conversation today, possibly the most ridiculous one i've heard in a while:

Lady 1: You know, I wanted my son to be a good eater, but he just isn't. He only wants to eat sugar and snacks and stuff, no veggies. He likes cookies and cereal and cake and chicken nuggets and french fries.
Lady 2: Yeah, I don't get it, either! My kids do the same thing!
(note: They have brought a bag of McDonald's food into a coffee shop for this conversation...)

Lady 1: So I think he might be lactose intolerant. Or be allergic to milk.
Lady 2: Yeah, my kids, too!
Lady 1: But I can't figure out the difference between lactose intolerance and milk allergies.
(note: They have a laptop on the table, and the coffee shop offers free WiFi...)

Lady 1: Like, his stomach is always messed up. But he seems okay with cheese and yogurt.
Lady 2: I always get really sick after I drink a milkshake or eat ice cream, so I think I must be allergic to milk.
Lady 1: Yeah, same here! But lattes don't make me sick, so whatever.
Lady 2: Maybe it has something to do with if it's whole milk or fat free. Like, maybe the fat makes you sick or something.
Lady 1: No, I think that's the lactose intolerance, not the milk allergy thing. Lactose intolerance has to do with the fat in the milk or something.
Lady 2: Does lactose intolerance give kids ADD, too? Because my kids are real hyper.
Lady 1: No, they're just born with that.
(note: Their 3 kids are running around, screaming, knocking into people, while drinking sodas...)

In conclusion, I was just dumbfounded. In today's world, how can anyone not know the answers to these questions? And, if so, how are they not on Google finding out? I wanted to turn around and scream, "GUESS WHAT? YOU AND YOUR KIDS ARE CRAZY BECAUSE YOU EAT NOTHING BUT SUGAR AND FAT, AND THAT MESSES WITH YOUR STOMACHS. DRINK SOME WATER AND EAT A VEGETABLE!"

I know that i'm a "learning is half the battle" kind of person, but honestly... if I thought something I was feeding my child was making her sick, i'd check it out. If not on the internet, if not on a message board, then with... oh, I dunno... her DOCTOR.

Ignorance is one thing, but it's so easy to look up answers in this world. You don't even have to go to the library and find an encyclopedia-- you just type something into your "search" bar and start reading. Even Ask Jeeves could tell you what lactose intolerance is!

Ah, well. I'm just going to hope these girls watch Oprah on the right day and buy stock in Tums.

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Valerie said...

Right on, sister. So hard not to violate the Prime Directive in situations like these...