Monday, September 29, 2008

why my husband rocks

Remember that little rant about "Goodnight, Moon"? About how it was creepy, ugly, and nonsensical?

Craig heard me. So he brought Cleo a present, the most wonderful children's book i've seen in a while. It's by Michael Rex and is called "Goodnight, Goon: A Petrifying Parody". See why I love this man??
"Goodnight, Goon" follows the same formula as its hideous inspiration, but it's much more attractive, interesting, and humorous. Instead of mittens, mush, and creepy old ladies, we say goodnight to claws, goo, and a hairy old werewolf. Instead of all the bother with nowhere and noises and amorphic concepts beyond the grasp of a child, we simply order the goon back under the bed and say goodnight to monsters. And i'm pleased by the way that the goon drinks down the goo so that it doesn't just sit there congealing all night. So tidy. Isn't that better?

I'm not sure how a juvenile wolfman sleeping in a slimy dungeon tomb full of creepy crawlies is somehow more warm and friendly than a baby bunny going to sleep in his room, but somehow, it just is.

Move over, "Goodnight, Moon". You have been replaced!

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