Wednesday, September 24, 2008

terror and soup

1. I'm terrified of the current various crises facing our country economically and politically. We all know that there are only 2 real contestants in this race, and we're again stuck with choosing the lesser of the evils. There's no good answer. If there were actually a weevil running for president, I would consider it.

2. I'm terrified of the two ways that this baby is going to come out of me, because, honestly, either one is going to HURT. So, quite similar to the presidential election, really.

3. I'm terrified of Atlanta drivers, who are currently blocking 6 lanes of traffic to wait in line for gas at the only open station within 5 square miles of my house. These people are no longer reasonable. And I assume that the homicidal maniac who passed me IN THE TURN LANE OF THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ZONE was just trying to beat me to the next gas station.

4. I really liked the Indian Cabbage soup I had today at lunch. Oh, that was so good.

In conclusion, we are headed towards that fabled zombiepocalypse, but I know where to get good soup.

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