Monday, September 22, 2008

my ChristinEmile day

I don't think i've ever done a blog post about the things i've accomplished in a day... mainly because I don't feel particularly proud of my meager daily triumphs while pregnant and parenting a toddler. A suddenly and frustratingly defiant toddler. I mean, if I can manage to feed us and find all the shoes and undies the family needs, I feel like i've taken care of business.

Which is why i'm so proud of today. Here's what I got done, combining the spirit of my talented friends Christine and Emile, who both seem to accomplish in a day so much more than I do in a month:

- made my husband's lunch
- fed my child, bathed her, and got her ready for school
- painted 6 small studies
- washed my hair, using both shampoo *and* conditioner
- cleaned the kitchen, including filling dishwasher, washing, emptying, refilling
- threw all the nasty things out of the fridge
- swept the kitchen floor
- picked Cleo up from school and visited my mom
- kept the den tidy
- shopped for groceries and actually remembered paper towels
- baked a pumpkin cake with homemade buttercream frosting
- baked a turkey ziti with fresh zucchini
- put up all the laundry
- tidied upstairs bed and bath
- bought a new comforter on sale at Target for the baby's room
- tidied Cleo's room
- cried while watching Ice Age with my child and had to explain myself
- searched in vain online for cream or blue flannel crib sheets payable with Paypal
- attempted to bridge the argument gap with my father (regarding the stupid runaway cat his coworker foisted on me with cruel lies) by offering to bring Cleo by his work tomorrow for a visit
- called my grandmother to see if she was feeling any better
- managed to blog twice

How's that for a day? Suck it, Martha Stewart!


Emile said...

damn, that was serious. i'm totally impressed...

stinestrain said...

wow that is a lot!! you go!