Wednesday, September 3, 2008

me and Cleo down by the schoolyard


My little dude on her first day of school.

Although, technically, it was only a half day, which is really more of a quarter day, and I was there with her, but still. See? She's wearing her First Day of School Outfit with her special sparkly shoes and her Big Girl Bag. I know it contains diapers, but it's still a Big Girl Bag. She picked it out all by herself.

I'm so proud. She slides on a 4th grade level, you know, and can sing most of the ABC song. She would also love to tell you about how she can tinkle on the potty. We look forward to her future mastery of colors, so that everything in our lives won't be proclaimed "boo".

Preschooler, I salute you!


Valerie said...

Ohhhhhh! Sooooooooo precious!!!! Oh D, she is adorable and growing up soooo fast. Look at those grown up clothes! She is going to be a great big sister. :-)

delilah said...

Yeah, Craig said "She looks like a little graduate student!"

Thanks, Val! How's VA?