Friday, September 12, 2008

mairzy dotes

Here's my classified ad:

WANTED. Mare in foal for late 08/early 09, or mare with foal <2 months old for nude modeling. Must be willing to pose girl-on-girl with clothed pregnant human. Very tasteful. Bonus if paint or appaloosa.

Seriously, though. I want to start a new body of work, but I need a pregnant horse. And I don't know any horses, much less horse people. It was so easy for a dude like Van Gogh-- go out, find some peasants or a whore (both very plentiful), and sketch them eating potatoes before going quietly mad. But I only pass 10 or so horses a week, and they're all geldings, which doesn't help me. And something tells me that posting in Missed Connections on craigslist isn't going to help. So here I am, canvas waiting, without a model. ARGH. How hard is it to impregnate a horse, anyway?

So, if anyone knows someone with a pregnant horse in the north Atlanta area who would let me take some photos with my little digital camera, please let me know. I'm sick of fruitless Googling.

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stinestrain said...

mares eat oats and does eat oats
and little lambs eat ivy
kid'll eat ivy too
wouldn't you?