Wednesday, August 13, 2008

thanks, jerks!

No, this is not the post detailing our amazing trip to Grand Cayman. Because then it wouldn't be jerks we were thanking. It would be very fine friends. More on that later.

No, this is the post showing you the lovely flower arrangement I discovered on our front step today:

Isn't that pretty?

It's for the jerks that sold us this house, lying over and over again in the process. Doing the most shoddy and short-lived job possible to make the house look nice. Painting over the kitchen and bathroom cabinets without sanding or priming, so that the paint is already rubbing off. Using the wrong floor cleaner on the wooden floors, leaving them in horrid shape. Leaving the gutters clogged. Etcetera.

They're jerks.
But apparently, someone likes them enough to send them a small, tasteful flower arrangement. Someone who has no idea where they live, so obviously someone that has kept in close touch with them for the past 17 months. Anyway, I called the florist, and she was very sweet and said that we should just "enjoy the arrangement", so we are.

So here's a shout out to Robin's Nest Flowers and Gifts. Thanks!

And what's the moral of the story? If you're a jerk, and someone actually sends you flowers, you're not going to get them. They're going to brighten the day of the round, sore, tired little preggo you lied to.

So there. Karma works again, kids!

1 comment:

Kyrissaean said...

Pretty flowers!

Wow, your jerks sound a lot worse than the jerks who sold us this house. I think the worst thing they lied about was how much the water bill runs, what with the koi pond and sprinklers for the landscaping. :(

I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip!