Wednesday, August 27, 2008

lobster quotes

Got any good lobster quotes?

Here's one from our fabulous trip to Grand Cayman, as we dined at Bed with our dear friends Adrienne and Evan. Adrienne had the Lobster Thermidore, which is basically described in the quote, which I found written on a napkin in a mysterious pocket of my purse today.

"Just because you're eating his guts in a bowl made from his body doesn't mean he's not powerful."

Because I find lobsters to be curious and powerful creatures, especially the one we found crouching, enormous, crunchy, and blue in a hole while snorkeling. The next thing that happened as we dined involved my other half crushing a roach that was about to violate my hair, throwing it across the room, and eating a crispy lobster eyeball. It's so rare one finds one's match in this world, isn't it?

A good crustacean time was had by all.

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