Tuesday, July 8, 2008

the true meaning of "sorry"

This story is both sweet and disgusting, and i'm sure the parents out there will relate. I need to write it down to remember it forever, because i'm still snickering.

We are trying to teach Cleo certain phrases and their uses, and she is having some issues with "I'm sorry". We have asked her to say "I'm sorry" when she has hit someone, thrown food, said something mean... any time one would expect an empathetic human to feel regret for their actions. And she seems to get it. And then Craig will spray her with the hose while she's playing in her baby pool, and she'll say, "I sorry, Daddy!", and we have no idea what's going on in her little noggin.

So the other day, I left her naked in her room after a shower and went downstairs to fetch a diaper. We're working on potty training, more as something fun than a necessity, and she "gets" it. Unfortunately, her little potty was in our room instead of hers. Oopsy.

So I return to find my naked child picking up fresh, big ol' turds with a dried out baby wipe. She looked up at me, turd in hand, and said,

"I sorry, Mommy. Cleo pick up poop now".

Trying really hard not to laugh as she tries to pick up 4 huge chunks with one little hand, fanny in the air, I said, "Oh, honey, *I* am sorry. I left your potty in the other room. I know you would have used it if it had been here."

Her response? "Is okay!"

So, yeah, I picked it all up, flushed it, wiped her off, washed my hands with soap, and went about my day. But every now and then, I think about how she's starting to understand what it means to be sorry, because she apparently felt so bad about pooping all over her rug that she tried to pick it up herself.

Lord only knows what she was going to do with it, but I suspect her Little People farm's silo would have been involved.


Crystal said...

That is an incredibly endearing story, D. It does indeed seem that Cleo gets what being sorry is all about. Besides, what goes better with poop than an apology. :-)

siobhan said...

That's funny and heart-wrenching at the same time. I'm welling up, damn those preggo hormones!

Amber said...

How sweet! She seems like she's a very empathetic child!