Monday, July 14, 2008

rant: America the.... lazy.

I know that I can be pretty judgmental. And negative. Especially when pregnant.

But honestly-- what is wrong with people? How lazy and rude have we become?

Today at the grocery store, a woman rushed her enormously loaded shopping cart in front of me at an empty lane, jogging to beat me there. She was a big girl with an angry face, and she had a bill of over $300 ranging from very unhealthy food to clothes to bedding. Girlfriend had been shopping! And i've got a kid with me, so I tend to be non confrontational, so I just let her feel superior for beating me and played toe-tickling games with Cleo. It took a good while for her to check out, and she debated several price tags, and they had to call over managers, and then she had to fuss with a check, and then finally it was our turn. Eh, whatever.

But when we get out to the car, we see that she has parked in the closest handicapped space to Target, without a handicapped sticker, license, hang tag, or dash tag. Just blatantly not handicapped. And then she left her cart in the handicapped space next to her and took off.

So let me get this straight:
1. You're not obviously handicapped, nor do you have any legal sticker, decal, or tag.
2. You obviously have enough energy and wherewithal to shop for over an hour and push an enormously loaded cart of objects obtained from nearly every corner of the store.
3. You've got enough sass to nearly run over a pregnant woman carrying a toddler to make sure you check out your huge pile of loot first.

I often wonder if our society has totally lost a sense of honor or nicety, if we've just become a collection of faceless, entitled jerks constantly out for numero uno. If I had a dollar for every SUV that has nearly mowed me down in the pedestrian crosswalk, my AC would be cranked up to 65, and i'd have a personal chef. Drivers are especially egregious. I know i've complained about it before, and I know my husband will read this and roll his eyes about my negativity and stupid hopes for humanity, but it just cuts me to the quick to see people treat each other with so little regard.

Here's the crux of it for me: when my mentor, boss, and longtime friend was DYING OF CANCER and could barely get out of bed after chemo to drag herself to the store to buy the two foods she could keep down, she rarely parked in the handicapped spaces, even though she had a tag, because she felt like she might be depriving someone who needed it more.

Today's raging, unhappy selfish Hutt can't even be bothered to walk ten feet away from her illegal parking space to return a cart, and she gets to go on living, taking up air, spreading ugliness in the world through her expressions and deeds.

It ain't fair, people. That's all i'm saying. It ain't fair.


Elizabeth said...

I hear you. I totally, totally hear you.

-- merveilleuse from the bpal boards

Valerie said...

Her miserable existence is its own punishment. Let's just hope she never reproduces. Or babysits.

Sorry your experience sucked. You weren't by any chance in Walmart, were you?

Kyrissaean said...

I have this horrible habit of calling the non-emergency police number whenever I see a very obviously not handicapped person park illegally, with no tag or anything, at a store or restaurant. Sometimes they stay long enough for the nearest patrol to come out and give them a ticket. :)

I also tend to spend an extra minute or two gathering up the carts closet to either my car or the cart corral (or both) and putting them away properly. Once a guy was just leaving when I parked my car, and his cart was just left in the space next to him. I grabbed it and put it away in the corral that was ONE MORE SPACE OVER. He rolled down his window and said, "Thanks!" I just glared at him.

People's laziness disgusts me way too often these days. It's nice to see someone else annoyed by the same thing.

delilah said...

Glad y'all are on the same level. Craig said last night that my blog was most boring when I ranted, and I had to remind him that while making people laugh and comment is one thing, some days I just need to vent. And this lady really pissed me off.

Bring back the niceness!

And we were at SuperTarget.

Valerie said...

You can tell Craig (hi Craig!) that the alternative to ranting on your blog (and allowing your chick friends to empathize with you) is ranting to him, with the condition that he's not allowed to try to solve your problems and/or tell you your feelings are lame when you do it.