Saturday, July 26, 2008

pregnancy dreams 3.0: house of holofernes

Oh, this was a cool one!

I dreamed that Graig (as yesterday's mail calls him) and I lived in a little brownstone in dream Athens, which is a cross between the actual downtown of Athens, GA (where we went to school); Anderson, SC (where we used to live); and a much bigger, more metropolitan city. We shared a flat with a couple I re-met recently that I knew from high school. Together, the four of us designed this awesome game called House of Holofernes.

House of Holofernes, or HoH, is like the strange and tortured child of The Sims, Alice in Wonderland, Punch and Judy, and the Holodeck from Star Trek: Voyager. You buy a projection system for one room of your house, and it projects 100% realistic masquers onto the players so that instead of seeing John walking around in his boxers and one sock, you see a 7-foot tall version of his character. The characters are pre-created and are given the appropriate voices and conversation choices, much like a role-playing game. So you just walk around and make your decisions on how to reach your goals.

The characters are all cantankerous and odd members of the Holofernes family, a twisted and bizarre bunch of early 1900's folk. They each have an objective that none of the others know about, several of which involve killing other family members to get their stuff. That's all the game is-- scheming against your creepy family, throwing dishes, and screeching in a bad cockney accent.

Anyways, in the dream, we spent some time building the game and some time testing it, and my character was Annastasia Holofernes, the spoiled, imperious, and hideously ugly elder daughter who covets Grandma Bourguignon's heirloom ruby ring and wants to run away with cousin Nebechudnezzar. Such fun!

So it's not all scraggle-toothed dachshunds, but it's still pretty weird.

Today, one of my very best friends for over 15 years gets married. It's his second of three weddings, and the only one for which he *isn't* wearing a man dress, and I think it's going to be spectacular, mainly because there are going to be, like, 20 cakes. Plus, my mom and aunt are watching Cleo for us while we party. As much as a pregnant person can party, really.

So here's to you, Ryan and Urfa! We love you guys!!

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Crystal said...

Hey, D...didn't know you used to live in Anderson, SC. That's my hometown. Even graduated from Westside High. It is a small world and often funny how something like perfume can bring people together.