Monday, July 7, 2008

pimpin' Cleo's ride!

I love the classic Ergo I bought for $30, but I hate their current business practices. The Ergo company is chasing a patent that is waaaay too broad and threatening legal action against anyone making a baby carrier that involves waist and chest buckles, even work-at-home-moms running tiny businesses out of their homes. You can read about it here. Blech.

So I ripped off the hideous old pocket, which had bizarre Heidi ribbon that reminded me of Confederate flags. And I ripped off the big ol' Ergo tag on the hood. And I recovered it with rockin' silver skulls on black fabric.

Here's what it used to look like, although this is not my actual Ergo:

Here it is all pimpity with the sleeping hood down...

And here it is with the sleeping hood up...

How I love my sewing machine! Being able to sew things makes me feel powerful, just like when I took a metalwork class and forged spoons from copper ingots. I guess an electric needle isn't quite up there with steamily hammering cherry-hot metal like Vulcan himself, but I'm still pretty freakin' proud of myself. And, unlike my lopsided copper spoons, the Ergo (and most of my other sewing projects) are actually functional. Except that first pair of baby pants I made that had two butts because I didn't use both parts of the pattern. Those were pretty poochy.

So take that, bullies! I will have my minuscule and entirely dysfunctional revenge for this antiquated product that I purchased third hand for practically nothing two years ago.

That'll show you!


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delilah said...

Wow... I kinda feel important now!

Or impotent. One of the two.

Either way, i'm totally entering. I like dollars, I miss shopping, and I have to show off the belly while i've got it, right?

And, believe it or not, I subscribe to Parents. Because I like good mail.