Tuesday, July 22, 2008

men are funny

When I opened the fridge today, I was reminded of something hilarious that happened last Friday that I was too woe-is-me to blog about.

When Craig got home and started digging through the fridge, I pulled out a bottle of orange glop and said, "By the way, whatever you do, DON'T DRINK THIS."

His eyes got huge and glazed with desire, and his tongue snuck out over his lips, and he said, "GIVE ME THAT! WHAT IS IT! I WANT IT!"

He grabbed the bottle, read the ingredients, and said, "This would be great for my workout! Why can't I have it?"

To which I answered, "Because it's the glucose drink for my 1-hour glucose tolerance test on August 15. You drink it, and your body goes sugarbonkers, and then they draw your blood to see if you have gestational diabetes. Every woman in her right mind hates and fears it!"

And then there was a pause, and he greedily, frantically said, "Can I just TRY it? What's it taste like?"

And as I rolled my eyes and hid the nasty orange goo behind some healthy food, I was reminded of how different the male and female minds are. I should have put a label on it that said, "YOU MUST DRINK THIS HEALTHY DRINK THAT IS JUST FOR WOMEN AND CONTAINS 100% WHOLE WHEAT AND TOFU", and then he wouldn't have seen it, much less wanted to drink it. But show it to him and tell him that he can't have it? It's going to drive him crazy.

$5 says he breaks down and drinks it before a workout. Seriously, $5.

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