Tuesday, July 29, 2008

if I had a tempura-pedic mattress

It would be set to 10. Or whatever number means "maximum enjoyment".

My second pregnancy has been defined by exhaustion and the constant craving of tempura. I want to eat nothing but tempura vegetables and shrimp, possibly a piece of cooked sushi, and an ice cream product of some sort.

As you might guess, tempura is hard to come by when pregnant with a toddler. A nice, quiet Japanese restaurant, 45 minutes of solitude, and $30 to burn on fried crap don't really mix with an inquisitive 2-year-old, a healthy diet, and a budget. So I've had tempura 3 times. Up until today.

Today, I brought my extremely gifted friend Christine two onions, a zucchini, and a pint of mushrooms, which she dunked in her homemade tempura batter and fried in her amazing electric frying machine. And then we ate every bit of it.

And it was like a dream come true, to feel my gastric juices rushing joyously into the arms of the golden brown tempura atoms, dancing the dance of life and joy and flavor. It was honestly that good.

So all I'm saying is that if there were such a thing as a tempura-pedic mattress instead of the Tempurpedic mattress, mine would be set on 10, and I would be sleeping so hard that I was both snoring and drooling while dreaming up wonderful new milkshakes. Oh, and I would be giving Christine awards of some sort.

And I am a very happy girl.give me tempura udon soup immediately, vegetables, delicio

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stinestrain said...



ohhh that made me LOL hard.

glad you enjoyed it. I love making food for people to eat that makes them get the foodgasm face. especially preggo people. you are easy to please, too.