Thursday, June 12, 2008

what's next, thong diapers?

I know that walking past Limited Too can give me a coronary, but I'm just not ready to see toddlers in high heeled sandals. I mean, don't their little calves ache from wearing 2 inch wedge heels? Are they pretending to be The Wiggles' backup singers, or is it more a "dog groomer on vacation" look?

Make believe has come a long way since I was a kid, when we sat in Dorothy's crawlspace and made lists of pretend students who would one day populate our "school", except that playing school wasn't nearly as much fun as making up stupid names and calling roll. And dress-up apparently doesn't include wearing your mom's old cheerleading outfits and ballet leotards with mysteriously ripped crotches.

Maybe i'm just getting old, but I saw a child today who appeared to be 4 to 5 years old wearing better makeup than I can apply on my own, sporting some of that creepy Jessica Simpson fake hair, and teetering in heels higher than I would dare to wear. And her nose didn't even hit the elastic waistband on my maternity capris. I don't think there was a pageant in town, but I suppose the older man holding her hand could have been a "handler" or "trainer" instead of a dad who was not aware that his preschooler looked like a whore.

I don't know who i'm more scared for-- her or me.

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EttyOop said...

her... because unlike Cleo (and, thank heavens, my daughters), she hasn't got parents to teach her that little girls should DRESS AND ACT like little girls rather than whores. She will grow up thinking this is what she has to be for people to like her, while our daughters will be naturally lovely and learn that being smart, funny and kind gets you better attention than makeup and slut clothes...