Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I stink, and you should, too.

I'm not a very indulgent person.

Okay, that's a lie. A big lie.

I'm indulgent, but i'm extremely frugal. I'm so frugal that it should really be spelled froooooogal when discussing me. I get annoyed if I have to pay full price for anything, especially clothes or books. I love to buy handmade, I love to barter, and I love a good children's consignment sale with the rapture that most women reserve for diamonds and Godiva chocolate.

But my only vice, if it's even naughty enough to call it a vice, is the realm of bath and beauty. I love to go to a website and read ingredients and venture through scent categories and select things and put them in my virtual basket or cart, where they weigh practically nothing. And then I get to use fake money, ie. Paypal, to purchase the yummies, and then I get to wait for mail. I freaking love mail. Mail is like the lottery for me-- there could possibly be something good in there!!! And when there is good mail, especially a package, I am intoxicated with excitement and bliss.

Seriously. I'm that pathetic.

Which is why I smell today. My mom gave me a $25 Visa gift card, and I spent a long time selecting juuuust the right e-tailer to maximize availability and turn-around-time and price, and then choosing what to buy, and then choosing the scents. And today, when my package arrived much earlier and larger than anticipated, I knew that I had chosen wisely.

So go to Julphia Soapworks. THIS STUFF IS AWESOME. The scent list is exhaustive, the ingredients are quality, the customer service is unbelievable. She offers soaps, lotions, body butters, scrubs, hair products, perfumes, lip balms, silly soap for kids, facial masks, and so much more. I have "e-fired" so many favorite e-tailers because of poor customer service or a sharp drop in the quality of products from one order to the next. MMU and Lush, i'm looking at you! But I am completely floored by Megan's products and kindness! She sent me so many free samples that it took a box to hold it all! And she sent a little bag of toys for Cleo! And she sent all scents personally and thoughtfully chosen for me, because I told her I was pregnant and in need of self-pampering and craving things that smelled green and sweet.

Truth be told, I just want to smell like my Chlorox Green Works toilet cleaner. But that's not very safe, is it?

So tonight I used Green Lemonade sugar scrub (which is tremendously pretty and has the perfect texture and a lovely lather and smells like chartreuse awesomeness), and then slathered myself in Lime Wasabi body lotion (which just sunk in and made me all soft and sophisticatedly yummy), and then sprayed myself with Thai Martini perfume oil (which is somehow both warm and green at the same time), and then was treated to a delicious dinner by some very dear and thoughtful friends. I felt like a big, lush, soft, happy, serene ball of lime happiness. I can still get whiffs of limey coconut off my arms, and I could very nearly asphyxiate trying to smell myself. I will definitely be going back for more. More lime crack.

So thank you, Megan at Julphia Soapworks. You have made a simple machine very happy. I encourage anyone who needs some pampering and gets joy from making selections to go to her website and spend a few hours just choosing.

And then you get mail!


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Emile said...

Ooh, that sounds so yummy...going there now =)