Friday, June 6, 2008

Cleo vs. NPH


What if Cleo had to go into a cage match with Neil Patrick Harris?

Let's see how they fare in three rounds.

Round 1: Intelligence
Neil Patrick Harris, as Doogie Howser, graduated from Princeton at age 10.
Cleo is 21 months old and can speak in complete sentences, including "I want more grapes, please, mommy," and "Jade is coming over to play at Cleo's house".
Winner: NPH

Round 2: Special Skills
Neil Patrick Harris, as Carl Jenkins in Starship Troopers, can exert mind control over ferrets. But he can't do people... yet.
Cleo can run in one rhinestone-bedazzled high heel and one flip flop as she pushes a cow and a boot around in her stroller, screams "RUN FAST!" and amazingly never splits her head open.
Winner: TIE

Round 3: Magical Animal Husbandry
Neil Patrick Harris, playing himself but crazier, can ride and commune with a magical unicorn in the Harold and Kumar movies.
Cleo can harness the power of the mighty leopard as she skillfully hunts a foolish giraffe.
Winner: Cleo

So there you have it, folks. It's a draw between NPH and Cleo. Of course, if he somehow finds my blog, he will probably challenge it, based on the fact that he is also in How I Met Your Mother, which I did not reference.

Maybe next time, Cleo can go up against Will Wheaton.


Devastating Doll said...

That's hilarious! Nice to be working with you! Can't wait to get my painting. Well...I can wait. Really, there is no hurry! :)

leilani said...

Adorable - I love it! Can't wait to see the Wil Wheaton match. :) (This is spanishviolet from, btw - hello!)

marciabee said...

You go, Cleo!! Great blog...i'll be sure and stop in again! :)