Friday, June 13, 2008

blind spots

I realized today that I am very, very fortunate to have my horrible, horrible eyes. I never think about how difficult it would be to be blind. Not only would my art suffer, but the hardest part would be navigating the world independently without stepping in gum or dog poo, not to mention not being able to drive. Or read ingredients. Or knowing if jeans make your butt look big.

There are two sightings (oh, the irony!) in my life that further drive home the difficulty of blindness.

1. The small braille sign I remember seeing on the fire door of a Shoney's when I was about 9. Basically, if you're blind, and you're in Shoney's, and there's a fire, not only are you at a great disadvantage due to the sighted people stampeding away from the buffet and towards the doors and ignoring you, but then you have to feel around the room, hopefully avoiding fire, until you find the 3 inch braille sign on the fire door that I assume says, "You are lucky as hell. This is the fire door. If you still have fingertips, press here to go outside."

2. The small braille sign I saw today on the feminine hygiene product trash receptacle at the Monkey Joe's playspace. I'm just imagining being blind, having to deal with your period, not being able to see any stains or leaks on your clothing, and *then* having to feel around the filthy public restroom for the "hygienic" dispenser. Then, when you find it, you have to touch it all over to find the braille sign to figure out how to open the space-age hermetically sealed pod, then read the braille that says, "Throw your pads and tampons in here. Step around to find the foot pedal. Hopefully your hands aren't covered with someone else's crusty blood or some sort of STD from feeling all around the toilet. Good luck finding the soap dispenser, as it has no helpful braille sign."

So, there you have it. Whether you are one of those jerks with perfect eyes, someone like me who can legally drive without glasses/contacts but most definitely should not, or someone with such bad eyes that moles gather to point and laugh through their star-shaped noses, just be thankful you're not blind and covered in bloodstains and gonorrhea while fighting to find the fire door at a breakfast buffet.


stinestrain said...


ew. ew ew ew.

delilah said...

See, but you're thankful now, right?