Sunday, June 1, 2008

at the Cleo Cabana

Her name was Cleo, she was a toddler
With her belly proudly bare and a wet diaper down to there
She would stomp and splash around
And when her splash wasn't up to par, she tended the sand bar
Across the cold, wet deck she made Sandopolis a wreck
She and daddy played together
Who could ask for more?

At the Cleo (CO!), Cleo Cabana
The most tropical thing next to a banana
At the Cleo (CO!), Cleo Cabana
Singing and splashin' were always the fashion
At the Cleo....they made a mess!

So, Daddy, aren't we supposed to keep the sand on one side and the water on the other side?

No, honey. They're definitely supposed to mix. And throw some sand in the pool, too. Here is more sand to build up the wild country of Sandopolis. Sandpoppalopolis. Ruled by Queen Sandpoppalopolis. I think she's Greek or something. They will overtake the indigent merpeople of Watertopia...

Cleo told me it was a topless beach, but I didn't believe her.

Look, you said you wanted your martini dirty. It's really freakin' *dirty*!

Fine, you don't believe me? I'll remix it. You wanted it put through the water wheel and shaken, not stirred, right?

Daddy, I clearly told you, water on this side. Sand on that side. That's why there's a partition. It doesn't take a PhD in molecular science to get the concept.

Why, yes, Ms. Tricklebunny, I will have some more Fish Tea. And might I add what a charming dress you're wearing. Did you get that from Gody's Lady's Book? Two lumps, please, and one of those lovely cakes.

In conclusion, a fabulous time was had by all.

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kitrona said...

It is very clear where Miss Adorable gets her good looks from! I can't wait til mine is old enough to do that... right now he'd just try to eat everything. :)

She is seriously cute, in that "OMG I just want to snuggle her!" way. :)