Friday, May 30, 2008

what's with today today?

Today I keep thinking of Lucas in Empire Records, and the way the music changed the second he lost his bet and watched the $18k being swept off the roulette table. I am having one of those days.

When you have a willful child, you can tell within 15 seconds of seeing them in the morning. You know that no matter how quickly you serve them the food they've just requested, they're not going to eat it, and may in fact throw it at you, or worse, cram it in their mouth, chew it, and *then* spit it at you. Which is what happened with a Barbara's cereal bar, which grossed me out so much that we took an immediate shower. Yick.

Then Craig woke to find himself sicker than any human being had ever been in the history of the world. In his words. And then a friend's cat sliced Cleo's nose and lip open. And then, while sobbing, she bled all over my favorite shirt. And then her current favorite toy broke. And then she woke up from her nap crying for no apparent reason. And then, through the clever distraction of putting a sock on a toy bunny and calling it a mermaid, I was finally able to end the tears. Whew.

Luckily, I get to go eat Greek food and bowl tonight, and there is a distinct possiblity of cake, so there is still the sweet chance of redemption. But then, there's the much dreaded weekend. Yick.

So, um. Yeah. Rambling post. Today sucked, hopefully it will get better, and I expect tomorrow to suck. Very cheerful. Yay, pregnancy hormones.

Is it Monday yet? I like Mondays.


Tamar said...

I'm so sorry Jessie scratched cleo. :(

I hope the bowling, greek food and cupcakes made up for an exhausting day! and I hope the blood comes out of your shirt... if not, my cat owes you a shirt. for reals.

stinestrain said...

oops. I guess tamar was still logged into google from earlier.

that was me. not tamar channeling me!

delilah said...

Ooooh, blogging possession! We'll have to exorcise your laptop. I need an old tech nerd and a young tech nerd... =)

Not your fault, babe. That's what animals do. Good news is that Cleo is aware it's confined to Jessie and does not apply the swipage to all cats. She's been loving/abusing Scully as usual for the past two days.

And, yeah, I need to go wash that shirt...

And, yeah, it was an awesome party. How was karoake?