Monday, May 5, 2008

Stockholm, are you ready to rock?!?

If you've ever heard me sing... well, you probably haven't. I haven't sung much since my celebrated turn as Sister Berta, the evil nun, in the 1990 Crabapple Middle School version of Sound of Music. And there's a very good reason:

I have a horrible voice.

I mean, when I was pregnant with Cleo, I was terrified that my child would grow up demented because my singing voice is so atrocious. You get these mental images of the new mother cradling her infant and crooning beautifully, but I seriously sound like a dying condor being ripped apart by transcontinental jackals.

Which is why you might be surprised that I ROCK THE HOUSE AT ROCK BAND!!! Seriously. Every song, I was over 94% awesome, with several gushing reviews, such as "flawless" and "serious skills". From Weezer to Garbage, I totally pwned the mike. We played for 4 hours to celebrate Craig's 31st birthday, and it was just so much fun. I had no idea I could enjoy a video game so much, not to mention that I would have fun singing. And there weren't even dogs howling or people throwing boots in the background.

I have scant musical abilities and the voice of a chainsmoking turkey, but somehow, it worked.

So thank you, good people of Rock Band. Not only did you provide my husband with a fun birthday activity (and thanks to Adrienne and Evan!), but you have also made me feel good about singing for the first time in my entire life. That's quite a victory.

Oh, and you made me enjoy a song by Hole, which is possibly the biggest accomplishment of all. Blech.

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stinestrain said...

you are so wrong. I have not only heard you sing, I've heard you sing a lot. you remember the inane songs my children love and you know many musicals ;)e