Saturday, May 31, 2008

lost in translation

If you were in one room and heard your child shriek,

What would you think she wanted? My initial thoughts were:

1. Her Muggy is Stuh. AGAIN!!
2. She is pronouncing "Magnadoodle" even less understandably.
3. She wants to read Monster Munchies and is just really in a hurry.
4. Muggles suck. Although she's never heard/seen Harry Potter, so how would she know?
5. (Craig's later interpretation) A Muggy from the planet Muggelsteiner had landed in our sunroom and was somehow threatening all of known civilization with his Muggystick.

When I turned the corner, I learned the truth.

She had put her little blue purse around her neck, then worked it down around her waist like a sporran or fannypack. Then she put a plastic monkey in the purse, and the monkey became stuck in the purse. And she couldn't get the monkey out, so she was requesting help by hollering, "Monkey stuck!" to the best of her 21 month old abilities, even though the immediacy of the threat communicated sounded more like "I'm trapped under a VW bug" than "The plastic monkey is momentarily stuck in my sporran".

Learn something new every day, don't we?


Evan said...

Even at 10 euros a pop for internet connections here, I never leave disapointed by what I read!

delilah said...

Well, you're never disappointed in Greece, either, I bet. Good food, everybody speaks English and loves Americans, temperate climate. And everyone knows "euros" don't exist, anyway.