Tuesday, May 6, 2008

it's Craig, the crazy Tarot master!

Every time we pass by Mrs. Powers or Psychic Tonya, Craig wonders aloud what it would be like to see a psychic. He is cynical and incisive by nature, a scientist and statistician, so it would really be an interesting learning experience to see a psychic try to extrapolate anything but doubt and amused derision from a Craig. It would be like a cat toying with a really stupid mouse, probably, while the mouse tried to pull a wedge of cheese from the cat's ear.

Which is why I booked a Tarot reading for his birthday, of course. It was set for 5:20 on Monday, and we were quite excited and even had babysitting lined up for Cleo.

And then the psychic canceled!

Now, honestly. If you're so psychic, how did you not know this was going to happen? And, secondly, if you're sooooo psychic, did you actually think we'd want to reschedule for another trip to flakeyville?

So we went to Outback instead for a rushed and mediocre meal.

Which, I, like, totally foresaw happening. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

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