Thursday, May 1, 2008

i'm sorry, Jim, but it is not to be

They've started again. The crazy preggo dreams.

Last night I dreamed that I met Jim from The Office at the La Leche League conference in Helen, GA. Not the actor, John Krasinski-- but Jim, who works at Dunder Mifflin. He totally fell in love with me, obviously, and kept trying to hold my hand in a seminar about weaning your toddler. I had to smack his hand repeatedly.

Anyway, he finally cornered me and asked me to run away to Scranton with him, but I told him, alas, I loved my husband too much and would remain faithful. He started crying and said,

"This is just like what happened with Pam!"

To which I responded, "No, sissy, it isn't. Roy really was a douchebag. Craig is awesome! Now quit crying. I have to go man the ICAN table."

Thank yoooooouuuuu, hormones!

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