Thursday, May 29, 2008

chop chop

I recently decided that my child looked like an orphaned gypsy whose bangs were mangled in a hideous streetsweeper accident. Inspired by my friend Emile, I knew it was time for Cleo's first real haircut-- the first one that didn't involve me chasing her with eyebrow scissors while my mom had her in a headlock.

We eventually were pleased with Pigtails and Crewcuts at 2:30pm, but our 9:30am visit was extremely annoying. We arrived 2 minutes before they opened and were 2nd in line. Not bad. Then the second stylist was 15 minutes late and a "regular" jumped line, explaining that she was "a regular in a hurry-- you understand". And then she winked. Yeah, I understood. Which is why we walked out the door.

We had a great time at The Coffee Park and Moe's with some friends, then headed over to Snipits, which was recommended by my friend's 5 year old. The mom explained that they make girls feel like princesses. Such was not our experience, unless the princess in question was one of those horribly tortured girls from some sort of twisted fairy tale.

They have one tiny table with 3 chairs and 2 raggedy puzzles, all of which were dominated by rude older children who actually had the nerve to elbow Cleo in the face as they shouted, "NO, MINE!" and, "Mooooommmy, make the baby go away!" They also had some sort of invisible barricade system known only to the staff, so that if Cleo wondered into an area that they deemed inappropriate, we were told to "Go back to the waiting area". At one point, Cleo tried to climb into an empty barber chair that was about 11 inches from the substandard puzzle table, and the nearest stylist, and the least sour looking of the two, said, "Mom, we don't let kids play in the chairs, for good reason. You should know better." At which point I said, "Fair enough," and we walked out.

Finally, at 2:30, we returned to Pigtails and Crewcuts and had a fabulous time. We were the only customers, so no wait. Cleo got to choose her seat-- a fire truck. And they have an entire room for the kids to play with oodles of toys, not to mention a train table and Nintendo. Everyone smiled at Cleo and said how cute she was, and she had a great time getting a sassy little hair cut that is neither a wedge nor a pageboy.

So, in conclusion, do not go to Snipits if you have an energetic toddler who would rather feel like a fireman than a princess. Go to Pigtails and Crewcuts, and watch Alvin and the Chipmunks, and wonder what on earth Jason Lee was thinking, then take home a commemorative baggy of hair clippings. That's $17 well spent.


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Jennifer said...

What a cute haircut. Bummer you had so many bad starts, but it was worth the wait. She's adorable as always (although a bit more grown up looking now).
Jen aka 2 in August