Saturday, April 5, 2008

revenge of scullycat

I suppose it's not technically revenge, since she would have to be revenging *something*, but she certainly did express herself this weekend.

Oh, yeah, our new cat Scully looks like a sweet little mama cat, all petite and purring, but inside, she's a MANIAC. How do I know this?

She ate my plant.

My poor little cosmos plant that I was growing on the windowsill. The first plant I have succeeded in not killing in years, and she ate everything but the bottoms of the stems. It was, like, 8 inches tall! I am upset! What did the cosmos plant ever do to her to deserve such malicious judgment? And I didn't even get to see the freakin' flowers!

She is a feral beast on the prowl who cannot be tamed nor confined. She eats flowers.

I think she's gonna fit in with us juuuuust fine.

1 comment:

stinestrain said...

aw, poor plant! bad scullycat!

I kill houseplants too. that is why we have none.