Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the reason for the queasin'

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned I only wanted to eat orange and beige foods? And the irrational cupcake cravings? And the absolute fatigue and moodiness I have exhibited over the past 2 weeks?

There's a reason, and it's about 8 weeks along right now and shows up bright and fluttery on the ultrasound machine, thanks to Karla and her Wand of Doom.

That's right-- i'm pregnant with #2!

Yes, part of me feels like a nice little milch cow, but who am I to deny my evolutionary obligations? I am obviously a very fertile woman, and the world could use another Cleo to obsess over bunny poop and motorcycles. But keep your fingers crossed for a boy.

We promise not to name him "Bubba".


Valerie said...

OMG Yay!!! Congratulations!!!! Good for you guys. I am so happy for you!

stinestrain said...

so happy for you!

and I think you SHOULD name it bubba. look how well you turned out :P

delilah said...

Val, hun, it's your turn. I'm beating you 2-zip. Get on with the egging, baby! JOOOOIN UUUUUS!

And also move to the south, where you can knit with me and stine over there. =)

Valerie said...

Sounds like a solid plan. I'll work on it. :-)